Qualifying for HCBS

The HCBS program supports children or youths with neurodiversity who need flexible care and support in their own homes or community. The support made accessible to children and their families through HCBS can mean the difference between at-home care instead of long-term institutional care for children or youths.

Type of Care

Families of children with neurodiversity may find it challenging and stressful to coordinate services for their children or hold a job outside their homes. Some families may not even be able to pay for services that their children need.

The goal of HCBS is to ensure every child or youth is supported with tailored and flexible services that create opportunities for them to become independent and intentional in action by learning new skills to achieve specific (age-appropriate) life goals.

Additionally, Award Behavioral Health offers caregiver family support and services to enhance the child or youth’s ability to function as part of their family unit. These services also increase the family’s ability to care for the children in a familiar environment rather than in a long-term care facility or other isolated settings.

Eligibility Criteria

HCBS is a Medicaid initiative designed to provide services to the child and family at their location as per their needs. Trained and experienced staff provides support for the family and offers compassionate care. To qualify for the program, the child:

  • Should be eligible for Medicaid
  • Should be up to 18 years of age
  • Should have a diagnosis for two or more chronic conditions
  • Should have a diagnosis for a single qualifying chronic condition and significant behavioral, medical, or social risk, or a complex trauma

How to Access the Service

Once the eligibility criteria have been cleared and Medicaid has approved funding, Award Behavioral Health can enroll families to access the service through our team of Care Managers.

The Care Manager creates a service plan for the child and family based on a comprehensive assessment of their needs.

Although the program is funded through State and Federal Medicaid, children with private health insurance may also be eligible through a different process. Please contact our office for advice on how Award Behavioral Health can help your child and family access the HCBS program.

Enroll with Award Behavioral Health

Award Behavioral Health offers supportive services to parents with a confirmed diagnosis for their child who need help with the next steps for developing a care plan. 

Our licensed and experienced team of behavior analysts and care managers guide parents through the process of creating a comprehensive assessment for their child to apply for access to Medicaid’s Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS).

If your child and family need support, please contact Award Behavioral Health for a consultation. 

To know more about our program and for appointments, please call us at (800) 249-9569 or contact us online. 

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