Behavior Health Services ABA ∙ HCBS ∙ ADHD ∙ SED

Behavior Health Services ABA ∙ HCBS ∙ ADHD ∙ SED

Award Behavioral Health provides services to children with ASD, ADHD, and Social Emotional Delays.

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Award Behavioral Health

Family-centered behavioral support and coordination of services.

Autism, ADHD, and Social Emotional Nerodiversity are challenging for parents and caregivers.

Families with children with behavioral disorders require a customized plan of care based on their specific needs and goals.

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Our Specialty

Award facilitates tailored support for children with autism and neurodiversity!

Home & Community Based Services
ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Services for Behavioral Disorders

Lifelong conditions like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, and neurodiversity require intensive interventions and expensive support. The purpose of ABA interventions is to develop structured behavioral modification plans that are designed to address and remedy behavioral challenges. During the program, parents and children work together on daily tasks to maximize independence and integration.

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We Can Help


If you are a working parent, and you are doing your best, but you need ongoing support for your child.


If you have a child diagnosed with autism, we can help your family get more support.


If you are alone and overwhelmed while caring for a child with a chronic behavioral diagnosis.


If you lost providers and need urgent help supporting your child with autism, ADHD or other behavioral challenges

Autism, ADHD, ADD, Social-Emotional Behavioral Delays, and Executive Dysfunction are challenging conditions for parents and caregivers to deal with.

Your family needs a personalized home care plan based on your family’s unique needs, goals, and circumstances. We can get your family the help they need at home and at school.

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What are
HCBS Services?

Home and Community Based Services is a Medicaid-sponsored program that allows families with a neurodiverse child to get the care they need directly in their community.

Award Behavioral Health facilitates the HCBS referral process for families in need of Behavioral Health Services. Our services facilitate and provide specialized providers to existing HCBS programs. Direct non-clinical service providers are supervised to ensure ABA standards are met. Through art and play, expressive expression providers help children develop language skills.

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As behavioral health providers, we are here to help families cope with the challenges of caring for a child with behavioral health challenges. We are always looking for talented and professional providers. Our list of providers includes case managers, behavioral support technicians, BCaBAs, BCBAs, special education providers, art therapists, animal-assisted therapists, home organizers, home instructors, executive functions trainers, mobility trainers, social skills coaches, sleep dysregulation trainers, money management coaches, meal planning support, providers.
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